Vodafone Italy.

is an Italian telephony company which has approximately 26m mobile customers with a market share of 29,5% and 2,3m customers on fixed lines


Role: UX/UI

The Project.

Custom Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to edit easily and with flexibility any content, fully productized. The CMS is characterized by high measure of security, reliability and intuitive administration. Admins have full control of the content and manage the whole process of publishing content online. They are charged with the decision making, concerning user access on pages, as well as the approval and publication of the created pages. The product compound of the following features:  Dashboard (Personalization, Task Managment), Calendar, Content (Pages, Modules, Templates, Gallery), System (Product Configuration, User Managment, Monitoring ). Made for all level administrators.



Dashboard of the cms, provides users with concentrated information on New Content and Pending Tasks per User Role, overall view and monitoring of pending tasks. Also access, preview and reassignment tasks can be easily achieved.



The Calendar is a very useful tool. Users can check when the pages change status, templates and modules from publish to unpublished and vice versa.


Having the appropriate rights, the user may control and manage the lifecycle of the content from the creation to publishing. Business Users are able to create, edit, approve and publish pages or folders, as well as view their history versioning. Users can select to manage pages on the general hierarchy or the footer by selecting Site Menu or Footer Menu. Rows in pages can be dragged-and-dropped in order to alter their position in the catalogue, an action which potentially also restructures the menus. 



Search functionality gives the ability to search for specific redirection rules based on the following criteria: ID, Status, Name (folder or page), Description, Date From / Date To (Dates can be inserted from a calendar)




Interactive Design

check the interactive, prototype design via Invision App.

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