is a leading organization of football prognostics that exclusively operates and manages numerical lottery and sports betting games in Greece. It is also Europe's biggest betting firm. 


Company: Motivian
 Creative Direction, UX/UI design
Client: OPAP

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The Project.

Through the OPAPNET website the betting agencies are able to scan their flow (played, cancelled, paid playslips), their per month turnover and commission records, as well as the rating of the agency in accordance with the financial turnover of betting agencies throughout their district and their country. Furthermore they can get all updated records via the News & Announcements section, regarding products such as: information regarding live betting events, Draw schedule for numeric games, instructions on how to utilize advertising material within the shop, information regarding new productions or enhancement of existing ones, etc. Both sections will be used for OPAP to post articles as well as any related material towards the operators.




The homepage is colourful and inviting, we used 6 colours, each colour from the palette represents a category. This is how we train the user to combine a colour with a certain action.




The home screen has a dashboard look and feel and is designed to have everything in the page directly accessible. The user can browse through the login area, personalized convenience, access promotions, news & announcements section, agent information, personal statistics, messaging, advanced search.

Sticky menu & toolbar.

Menu & toolbar are sticky, at the bottom of the screen. Also minimized when the user scrolls.


Promo Area.

We turned the promo area into a fluid canvas of information. Depending on promotional priorities the promo area adapts offering three kind of visualizations.



Responsive layout for Mobile and Tablet, an optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation. Followed a strong grid stracture to keep everything tight and organized. Core features work almost unchanged even in smallest screen sizes keeping a seamless experience for the user. Feel free to watch the video which presents the whole design in interactive way.


Key Visuals.